Hello everyone –

I am still trying to figure this whole thing out: how to make it so that there are no anonymous comments.

The way the blog is set up is that people must enter their email addresses in order to comment.  None of that contact info shows up with the actual comment on the site – but it means that I, as site administrator, have at least some contact info with people who post comments (i.e. to ask them a question about what they wrote), even if they don’t provide me with their actual name.  I will not give away anyone’s email address without their permission.

How I would like this to work is that people post their full names with their comments (just as I myself do on this site – I am Jacqueline Windh, and nothing I write is anonymous!!).  I will post pretty much any comment by a resident that has someone’s full name (your real name!).  There is not much point in giving your opinion if you are not willing to stand behind it, anyway.  If people comment without sending in their name, it will be my own judgement call whether or not to allow it – if it seems productive I will post it, otherwise I will not.  So, in the spirit of what this site is intended to be, I am requesting that you provide both your first and last name with any comment you post.

For tourists or visitors who would like to comment, I ask that you provide, at very least, your first name and your home city or town.

My aim is to foment productive and respectful discussion – and to that end, signing your name to your comments is only expected.  Please be patient as I work all of this out… I am doing my best.

So, to comment on any topic that I have posted, just click “Comment” at the bottom of the post.

And, if you would like to start a new discussion topic, or provide new information about something that concerns locals, then just email me and I will post it as a new topic.  (With your full name as author of that post, of course!!)