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I’ve been digging around today to find out more about where this sludge came from.  And, in spite of what Coast Guard told me, I can’t find any evidence of it having been derived from any dockwork in Tofino Harbour at all.  I am wondering if there is some more natural source to it.  (That still wouldn’t explain all the beer cans).  The answer is not clear yet, though, so anything anyone has seen that could help solve it should be reported – either as a comment on this site, or directly to DFO.  Please help!

I’ve talked to a few people who work on boats or near the docks and who tell me they saw the sludge drifting in.  The sludge wasn’t Read the rest of this entry »


By Ava Barany, Raincoast Education Society

Western toad

Western toad

What’s small and bumpy and hops in the dark?  You guessed it, the Western Toad.  These amphibians have dry, bumpy skin and range in colour from green to gray to brown.    They have a distinctive yellow stripe down their back and horizontal pupils.  The ‘warts’ found on their skin are not warts at all, but glands that produce a Read the rest of this entry »