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by Kendal Kelly
Co-chair WCMS

The Westcoast Multiplex Society (WCMS) is a group of volunteers who are dedicating many hours of their time, with the hope that one day there will be a skating rink and swimming pool at the airport lands adjacent to the Long Beach Golf Course.  The WCMS has been making slow but steady progress on the project.

Most recently, the ACRD has agreed to lease 2.2 hectares of land at the airport for the society to build on. Likewise, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the governments of the seven communities of the region, as well as Region C.  Read the rest of this entry »


Oh, where do I start…

Well, after years of using local media to try to get Tofino to come up with a safer and more appropriate earthquake/tsunami emergency plan, to no avail, I finally went to bigger, out-of-town media, hoping to get some reaction.

And it’s finally worked! Our mayor, John Fraser, spoke on CBC Radio’s show On the Island this morning, in response to my concerns. (You can read about my concerns in yesterday’s blog post, or you can listen to them on my own CBC On the Island interview of two days ago).

For those of you who missed it, you can listen to what our mayor had to say today by clicking Read the rest of this entry »

Power’s been out in Tofino/Ucluelet since 3:32 am. They say the cause is “transmission circuit failure” (something to do with the wind, I guess) and that it should be back on by noon.

More info about it here:

I checked the DriveBC site – there is nothing posted about any road closure.

If anyone has any further info to add, please Comment here.

Photo and article by Liam McNeil

Over the last few weeks, many walking the beaches around Tofino and Long Beach may have noticed a large number of dead birds washed up in the high tide line.  The gull-like birds, spread up and down the length of the peninsula, have likely been disconcerting for many residents, and a welcome source of perfume for many dogs.  Many of the birds have been adorned with small metal tags, bearing the words ‘BC Beached Bird Survey’.

A brief call to Peter Davidson, BC Program Manager for Bird Studies Canada, the organization behind the BC Beached Bird Survey, helped Read the rest of this entry »

The sludge (see yesterday’s post, below) is now on Tonquin Beach – and I wonder where else.

Of course getting any of our governmental organizations to look into this is not easy.  Coast Guard says it’s not their department; DFO was reluctant to get involved (update: but apparently will now look into it); District of Tofino says it’s not within their jurisdiction either.

Hopefully someone will take it upon themselves to Read the rest of this entry »

Sludge piled up at Tofino Air, First Street Dock

Yup, it looks pretty disgusting, that black sludgy stuff piling up against the docks and drifting out to the open ocean with the big ebb this afternoon.

I went down to have a look.  It’s stinky, but doesn’t seem to be an oil slick – although there is definitely oil mixed in with it.  It’s a lot of black sludge and worm casings and lots of old beer cans.

Coast Guard tells me that Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t be alarmed about the bombing!

Apparently Coast Guard will be doing some exercises involving explosions and things off Lennard this evening, starting around 5:30 pm.

I am not sure if it is in conjunction with the military, or if it is more related to rescue scenarios – but it sounds like they will be lighting up Chestermans Beach quite spectacularly with it all.

From the article in Friday’s Westcoaster: Salmon Farm Reports Tear In Net, No Escapes, about Mainstream Canada’s fish farm at Saranac, behind Meares Island.

A good example of industry spokespersons using clever double-speak to make things sound fine:

Jessica McLachlin, spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, said in an email to the the incident is under investigation by ministry staff.
“At this point there is no evidence that any fish escaped,” she said.

“No evidence” of them escaping is not the same as “no escapes”.  It could just mean that no one looked.  (For years, fish farm spokespersons said there was “no evidence” of Atlantic salmon (a) surviving if they escaped, or (b) ascending spawning streams…  but once people started looking, it turns the escaped Atlantics were doing both).

Does anyone have any more info about this incident? If so, please either post it here as a comment or, if you’d prefer to write an update article about it, then email me.

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