This site is for Tofino residents, and for anyone who cares about community and quality of life in Tofino.

The aims of this blog are:

1.  To research issues and share facts, so that Tofino residents have the information that we need to make decisions that affect our lives, our town, and our future.

2.  To promote discussion between community members about topics that affect us – and hopefully to unite us as a community a bit more.

No, this is not one of those blogs by anonymous people who bitch about things.  This is a public blog, for people who want to discuss things openly (or, if you need to, to bitch about things as long as you do it openly and respectfully) – so, for that reason, anyone who wants to comment must provide their real name.

This blog is set up by Jacqueline Windh.  I am a local resident – have lived and worked here since 1996 (I think! I’ll have to check that) – and I will do my best to make this website a fair forum where all opinions can be heard.  You can contact me directly here.