Oh, where do I start…

Well, after years of using local media to try to get Tofino to come up with a safer and more appropriate earthquake/tsunami emergency plan, to no avail, I finally went to bigger, out-of-town media, hoping to get some reaction.

And it’s finally worked! Our mayor, John Fraser, spoke on CBC Radio’s show On the Island this morning, in response to my concerns. (You can read about my concerns in yesterday’s blog post, or you can listen to them on my own CBC On the Island interview of two days ago).

For those of you who missed it, you can listen to what our mayor had to say today by clicking this link.

I am not into writing another huge blog post that repeats the same info that I have been giving for years (note – always referencing my sources, so you all know I am not just making this stuff up or lying).

All I can say is that it is clear that our mayor does not understand the nature of the earthquake+tsunami event we are expecting – so no wonder the plan is so inappropriate. To clear up a few of his misunderstandings from this particular interview:

– Trees will be down and the roads will not be driveable;
– People need safe places that they can get to quickly (within 15 minutes of the quake), on foot. Getting to safe ground quickly, even if it is “in the woods”, is more important than being “processed”. (You only need to be there about 12 hours, it’s not like a refugee camp).
– Vancouver will not be sending an aid ship to Tofino within 24 hours because Vancouver, along with Nanaimo, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, etc. will all be needing aid, too, not providing it. This will be a regional disaster, seriously damaging a huge geographical area.
– The salmon farms will be gravely damaged and it is very unlikely that the fish will still be in the pens (and unlikely that we have many useable boats around, either; or much of a means to cook food easily) so his idea of depending upon farmed salmon is not a responsable emergency plan.

Also, he incoreectly claims that I never came forward during the planning process. However, I’ve actually come forward many times over the years by:
– speaking to the emergency services coordinator several times in 2007, offering to be on the committee
– writing and publishing several articles aimed at informing both individuals, and town officials
– attending and speaking out at several public meetings
– offering again to the current emergency services coordinator, nearly two months ago, to work with them

Sorry, I just have to say that. He makes it sound like I am waging some subversive attack campaign, and I don’t like that feeling. I’ve been trying to engage about this for years. It’s only because of the complete lack of response from anyone representing Tofino on any level, that I’ve gone to the greater media to draw attention to this life-and-death issue. (At least it’s finally being talked about).

Also, he seems to think that I still live at Chestermans. I actually sold my house there more than three years ago, so I could move out of the inundation zone and to less risky ground.

Anyway, I don’t think I have to say any more. Listen to him for yourself, and see what you think.

(BTW, with these audio files you can click on them to listen to them now, or right-click (PC) or option-click (Mac) to save them and listen to them later).