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I seem to be the only person who marks this anniversary. I continue to believe that it’s important. I guess it’s against human nature to try not to think about the bad things. But when those bad things are coming — 100% for sure — and there are steps that we can take now that will save people’s lives, I feel that it is our duty to think of those bad things, and make contingency plans.

What’s happening in Haiti will happen here

This is especially on my mind right now, as I watch the tragedies unfolding in Haiti. What is happening in Haiti will happen here. About the only difference is that our earthquake will be 10 to 100 times stronger.

It’s easy to think that the consequences here will not be so bad – we’re an affluent first-world society, right? Read the rest of this entry »


I don’t know about you, but this makes me really happy and I wanted to share it.

Yesterday, I rode my bike around with my little point-and-shoot camera taking pictures of blooming flowers. To my amazement, I found 31 different types of flowers in bloom right now!

So, if you want some local pix to brighten up your day, head on over to my blog and have a look.

Submitted by Tofino Food Initiative

Have your say on the idea of community gardens in Tofino! Do our super-quick online survey and you could win one of three $50 gift certificates for groceries in Tofino!
Community Garden Survey
The Tofino Community Food Initiative is working hard to facilitate access to local, high quality, fairly-priced, organic, sustainable and healthy food for our community. Planned projects include the Edible Garden Tour, workshops in gardening, composting and cooking, special movie nights, and the creation of community gardens. In order to plan for a garden this summer, we must apply for funding and start preparing now. Please take a moment to help guide us by filling in our survey!
Thank you for your help,
The Tofino Community Food Initiative

submitted by Barb Campbell

Vancouver Island Regional Library has scheduled a Strategic Planning meeting for Monday, January 25th from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Tofino Branch on Main Street.
“Vancouver Island Regional Library is embarking on a Strategic Planning process and invites the public to participate and help plan our future by shaping a common vision, direction and goals for the next three years. ┬áPublic Consultation sessions are planned in communities throughout the VIRL system, and we invite you to participate.”
Come out and voice your suggestions for the future of our library or fill out a customer survey, available as a form at the library or online: VIRL user survey.

Republished from Greg Blanchette’s blog

Given Tofino’s longtime agonizing over our affordable housing crisis — played out for years as summer staffing shortages, now escalating to the threat of school closure — it’s interesting that tiny houses have not been looked at as part of the solution.

As far as i know, there’s a minimum square footage requirement on habitations in the district. (Can anybody confirm that?) Which, combined with the price of land on the West Coast, pretty much guarantees Read the rest of this entry »

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