The sludge (see yesterday’s post, below) is now on Tonquin Beach – and I wonder where else.

Of course getting any of our governmental organizations to look into this is not easy.  Coast Guard says it’s not their department; DFO was reluctant to get involved (update: but apparently will now look into it); District of Tofino says it’s not within their jurisdiction either.

Hopefully someone will take it upon themselves to actually analyse this sludge – it is a former industrial site, so there is a good chance that there is some bad stuff in there. 

What can you do?  If you care, there is a lot you can do – that will take less time than I have put into getting this information to you.  One thing is to write to our councillors and ask them to pressure DFO to investigate this (this is the ocean, it is habitat for fish and otters and seals among other things – it is definitely their department).  Don’t ask the councillors individually – write to them all officially at (then phone the office to make sure that they received it – they have hyperactive spam filters).

And, biologist Josie Osborne recommends that you keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual.  We don’t know what is in this stuff, we don’t know how much of it sank and how much of it has blown into other areas beyond my bike-range.  Keep an eye out.  If you see anything unusual – more of this stuff washed up, or any dead animals that could be related to this, take notes and take pictures and send them to Josie or to me.

OK, for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of our lovely Tonquin Beach, taken this afternoon, along with another short movie.