Sludge piled up at Tofino Air, First Street Dock

Yup, it looks pretty disgusting, that black sludgy stuff piling up against the docks and drifting out to the open ocean with the big ebb this afternoon.

I went down to have a look.  It’s stinky, but doesn’t seem to be an oil slick – although there is definitely oil mixed in with it.  It’s a lot of black sludge and worm casings and lots of old beer cans.

Coast Guard tells me that it’s from the old BC Packers dock – they’ve been cleaning up the crap

Billy Martin checks out what's in it.

that has been accumulating there for years – anything from old rotten creosote, to layers of organic matter, to decades worth of beer cans – and washing it in the ocean.  [Update Nov. 23: I was not able to verify this industrial activity – please see my Nov. 23 post on this site].  I guess it was drifting up the inlet for most of the day, with the big flood tide; only when the tide turned and started ebbing did people in Tofino start to notice it.

Coast Guard tells me that they should have put out a boom to contain the floating material, so they could have cleaned it up themselves.

Anyway, in case you didn’t get down to see it yourself, here are some pix and a video of our harbour for your viewing pleasure.

Isn't that just what we want our ocean to look like?