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From the article in Friday’s Westcoaster: Salmon Farm Reports Tear In Net, No Escapes, about Mainstream Canada’s fish farm at Saranac, behind Meares Island.

A good example of industry spokespersons using clever double-speak to make things sound fine:

Jessica McLachlin, spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, said in an email to the the incident is under investigation by ministry staff.
“At this point there is no evidence that any fish escaped,” she said.

“No evidence” of them escaping is not the same as “no escapes”.  It could just mean that no one looked.  (For years, fish farm spokespersons said there was “no evidence” of Atlantic salmon (a) surviving if they escaped, or (b) ascending spawning streams…  but once people started looking, it turns the escaped Atlantics were doing both).

Does anyone have any more info about this incident? If so, please either post it here as a comment or, if you’d prefer to write an update article about it, then email me.


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