Hello everyone –

In all of the spare time that I don’t have, I’ve been researching how water rates are charged in other districts – both on Vancouver Island and across the country.

With the exception of Tofino, the formulae for charging water rates (residents vs. businesses; summer vs. winter; having or not having rate tiers) are extremely simple. What’s coming up from it is pretty interesting, though
– Tofino residential rates are much higher than pretty much anywhere else
– no other district that I’ve looked at charges residents more than businesses besides Tofino
– water rates themselves, as well as methods for calculating them, vary widely across the region

It’s a real lot of work to go through it all – but in the coming days I will present some analyses of it all for you.  So please check back for details!

For now, I will provide you with links to some of the rates information that I have uncovered (which you can refer to in my upcoming posts), as well as remind you of the public meeting to discuss water rates and water issues, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009 at the Tofino Community Hall at 7:00 p.m.

Please check back here as I continue to post more info, so you can be fully informed on this issue.  And, if you care about these things, please do your best to show up at the meeting.

For now, some water rates info:
Port Alberni
Victoria’s “Western Community”
Vancouver rates
A comparison of water bills across southern Vancouver Island and Canada