With yesterday’s water usage figure of 402,000 gallons, this brings our 3-day running total to 1,346,000 gallons.  Another record for us (compare to the 3-day totals in the table below, all well under 1,300,000 gallons).

In the summer of 2006 – the year our town was abruptly closed to tourists at the beginning of the biggest tourism weekend of the year – our daily usage never even reached 500,000 gallons… not until August 28th and 29th.  The high usage those two days was what precipitated the shut-down.  Now, here we are, late August again, with water usage soaring to those same levels…  why is it me reaching out to distribute this information, and not our district?  Please pass the word out:  we are still at risk, please continue water conservation efforts.