Tofino’s daily water usage for yesterday (measurement reported this morning) peaked out at a whopping 513,000 gallons – well above our target of <400,000 gallons. This brings our 3-day running total to 1,291,000 gallons.

Without any studies correlating water usage to weather, it is hard to know how much of this high consumption is due to the sunnier weather, and how much of it is due to people no longer working as hard to conserve.  I did note, however, during our 2006 water shortage that the very high-usage days correlated with the warmest and sunniest weather.  This year, also, our consumption was low through that long foggy stretch – and now that it is sunny it has come up again (see my table in the previous post below).

I’m not sure why our district isn’t getting these latest figures out to the public in the form of a press release, reminding people to keep up conservation efforts.  Yesterday’s usage is 28% higher than our target of <400,000 gallons.  Please keep up your water conservation efforts!  We’re not off the hook yet – Labour Day is quickly approaching.