I’ve been keeping track of our daily water use, as posted on the District’s website.  Yesterday we were back to well over the 400,000 gal/day benchmark again.  Is it because people feel the crisis is over and are not working so hard to conserve?  Or is it just that the warm and sunny weather (following a few weeks of mostly fog) just naturally brings up usage: more showers by beach-goers, more rinsing wetuits and surfboards, more car-washing…?  We still don’t know the anwer to these questions, because the studies have never been done.

Anyway, here is a table with the whole last month’s water usage (straight from the weekly data the District posts on their website).  I have annotated it with a few comments about the weather. What happens with our usage over the next few days will start to give some idea of how much the weather influences our daily usage.

Also, I have created a column for the three-day total.  The reason that I have done that is that there may be fluctuations in any one-day usage figure based upon exactly when and how reservoirs were filled, e.g. less filled one day means they have to put in more the next day.  The 3-day running total averages out for any such fluctuations, and is a much better indicater of what we are really using than any single one-day figure.

Yesterday’s usage of 431,000 gallons was the highest recorded in three weeks.  It will be interesting to see, over the coming few days, if the consumption stays that high.

Tofino daily and 3-day water usage, in gallons, for summer 2009

Tofino daily and 3-day water usage, in gallons, for summer 2009