Councillor Dorothy Baert was the lone dissenting voice in saying that we should open this for public discussion.

But the remaining councillors approved the new proposed rates without even reviewing them. So, residents continue paying the highest rate per volume, and the biggest businesses (large resorts and fish processing plants) pay the lowest rates.

The exact motion put forward by our financial officer Edward Henley was:

THAT COUNCIL consider the proposed changes to the utility rates and recommend modifications to either the proposed rates or the water and sewer budget to achieve a balanced water and sewer budget.

However, instead of “considering the proposed changes and… recommending modifications” as Henley proposed, our council simply approved the Table of Rates as is. 

It is hard to understand how the rates actually compare from the Table, and that is why I drew up that graph the other day (pasted again below, for reference).  However, the fact that the meeting was held first thing Tuesday morning following a long weekend meant that there was no way for me to get the graph showing how rates compare out to them before the meeting (the usual route of distribution is emailing the village office) – so I brought printed copies of the graph, along with a letter which you can read here, for them to consider when discussing the rates.

Unfortunately, the whole thing was approved as is – no “considering” or “recommending modifications” at all, and no opportunity for me to give councillors a chance to look at the rates in graph form beforehand – which is the only way you can really compare them.

I totally support rates being increased, for everyone, including residents.  How to distribute those increases should have been considered.  I don’t think that residents should ever pay higher rates than any for-profit user – I think that that, at very least, should have been discussed. What was approved has residents paying the highest rates of all, and I am very disappointed by that.

New water rates (summer rates shown)

New water rates (summer rates shown)