Hello everybody –

Thank you thank you thank you for your interest!  Tofino Residents has received over 500 views in its first week of existence! (That’s way more than my own website!!)

I am really glad to see  that there is so much interest from the community in what I am trying to do here.  However, I have to be clear – I am not about to keep up this much effort on my own.  The two aims of this website are:

1.  To share information (i.e. not just me provide it – you guys provide it too!)

2.  To promote discussion about issues that affect us (i.e. please use the Comment feature!)

I am happy to do the work in making this website happen – but I cannot realistically do all of the research and writing and discussion too.  I am hoping to make a forum for the community that might – given all of our different work and travel schedules – work better than town meetings that you have to physically attend.  But I need the rest of you (500+ viewers???) to participate too.

Because, if you do, I will put in the time to keep this website happening.  But if it is just me (or me and Donna) I am going to let it go.  So… please comment on the posts that I and other people post.  And please please please…  raise other issues and ideas, or go searching for information and share what you dig up.  You can post it as a Comment, if it relates to one of my previous posts, or you can email me and I will post it under your name. Some other things that I think should be researched include:

– where is our recycling going? (i.e. is it actually being recycled?
– what’s up with the plastic bag bylaw? (they sure keep pushing bags on me at the Co-op these days… the clerks I’ve mentioned it to don’t even know about our bylaw)
– more details about how accommodation businesses inform their guests about water conservation stages, suggestions for better communication
– are we any more bear-friendly than a few years ago?

I don’t know the answers to these questions – and I dont have the time to take them all on.  So if you feel like getting involved, and helping your community to make wise decisions, please take on one of these – or something else that grabs you – and share it here.

Please remember, no anonymous postings…  the goal here is productive and respectful discussion, words that you are willing to put your name to.

If you think this website is a good thing for our community, please participate.  If you do, I will keep putting in my time to keep it going – but if you don’t I am not going to bother.