With approximately 10 tourists in town for every local this time of year, it’s far more important that they conserve water than us. And I am sure that most of them would pitch in – if they were actually getting the message.

It concerns me that there is no effective means for tourists to actually find out about what stage of water restrictions we are at, and what they can do to conserve.  I know our district has sent out notices to all of the resorts.  But from there, it us up to each resort how they communicate that to their guests – or whether they even communicate it at all.  

Putting a notice up at the front desk is an ineffective token gesture – many people do not stop there other than when they check in and out.  I think that it should be a bylaw that all accommodation providers must provide an up-to-date notice of what stage of restrictions we are at in every guestroom – from the big resorts right down to B&B and individual vacation rental units (another reason why we need to figure out how many illegal accommodation operations are running in town, and to be able to contact them).  Because tourists outnumber us ten to one – our conservation efforts really make little difference if they are not on board, too.

I am actually away from Tofino for this week, so it is hard for me to go and check how resorts are doing at communicating this.  I talked randomly to a few tourists on the weekend to see how their accommodation providers were doing, anf this is what I found out:
– camping on Mackenzie Beach there are notices up about conservation at the taps campers use (I’m not sure if he was at Mackenzie Beach or Bella Pacifica)
– Clayoquot Orca Lodge does have notices about Stage 2 in guestrooms
– Schooner Motel does have a general notice about year-round water conservation in rooms, but does not have anything specifically saying that we are now at Stage 2

So I ask – what are the other resorts doing?  The idea of this website is not for me to put all my time in and investigate everything myself.  It is for communication within the community.  This site has had cover 300 views in just a few days – I know you guys are out there reading this!  So please, I ask the rest of you to contribute too:
What business are out there doing a good job at bringing their water consumption down
Which ones could be doing better?

Businesses have been asked to lower their consumption by 30%.  One way that they can do this is to lower the consumption per capita by 30% each – i.e. introduce conservation measures – but to do that they must communicate this to every guest.  And there may be some businesses who feel that they dont want to affect the quality of their guests’ experiences – those businesses have the option of the closing 30% of their rooms.

Also, a reminder that there is a council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9am – and they are going to be discussing water issues (I am told discussing rates as well).  So, if you have any opinions to express about our water policy – e.g. the fact that currently residents subsidize businesses with the higher rates we pay, or that we need firmer requirements for accommodation providers to communicate the water conservation message to their guests – then please communicate that to our council members.

You can email them at office @ tofino.ca (remove the spaces I’ve inserted)  but I’d suggest phoning them as well to make sure they received it, because their spam filters are so hyper-effective that your email is likely to get intercepted), or drop a letter off at the district office, or show up at that meeting.