Here are the updated daily water usage figures from the district’s website. Unfortunately, they delete the previous week’s figures, so we cannot keep track of how we are doing with our conservation week-to-week.  I’ll do my best to keep records of those figures on this site.

Date:       Gallons used:
Thurs 16    428,000
Fri 17         430,000
Sat 18        420,000
Sun 19       417,000
Mon 20     408,000
Tues 21      412,000
Wed 22      445,000
Thurs 23   430,000
Fri 24        405,000
Sat 25        405,000
Sun 26       266,000
Mon  27     456,000*

(*note: this figure was later revised on the district website to 257,000)

Sunday’s usage is strangely low – I had a very brief chat with Don Mackinnon about it – but he was busy with other things and didn’t have time to talk much.

He said that the pattern of water usage was a bit strange over the weekend and he’s not sure why – but that that low number could possibly be a bit of an artifact of how they fill the different reservoirs.  If one wasn’t topped up enough on one day, they make up for it the next day.  Don said he’d have more time later in the week to talk to me about this.