Wow, it seems we have entered a new era here in Tofino! Three years ago, when the bombshell was suddenly dropped on us that we were out of water and town was closing down, it seemed that a curtain preventing residents from getting information dropped at the same time.  The difference in the new administration is amazing, and very encouraging.  It was great to hear at last night’s meeting that a lot of the measures that they are taking right now are proactive – things are not that bad yet; we have learned a lot since 2006; and with that knowledge we can act to ensure that that catastrophe is not repeated.  And it is especially great that staff and council are letting us ask questions, and obtain information!

I had a long talk with Public Works Superintendent Don Mackinnon yesterday afternoon, before the meeting (with my physical sciences background, it matters a lot to me to actually see the data, and to understand what is going on), and I appreciate the time he took for that – and also thanks to Director of Financial Services Edward Henley, who printed in graph form some of the info about rates that I posted in table form yesterday.  The graphs make it much clearer, and they are posted below (in this morning’s post).  And also thanks to CAO Bob Long, and Councillors Michael Tilitzky, Dorothy Baert and Gord Johns for attending the meeting and providing info.

This website has been up for little over 24 hours, and so far it has received 87 visits!  That is great – obviously people are interested in this information.  So, I know that you are out there…  I’m hoping that someone will take that brave step of posting that first comment, so that this website can become what I am intending it to be: a forum for community discussion.