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Hello everybody –

Thank you thank you thank you for your interest!  Tofino Residents has received over 500 views in its first week of existence! (That’s way more than my own website!!)

I am really glad to see  that there is so much interest from the community in what I am trying to do here.  However, I have to be clear – I am not about to keep up this much effort on my own.  The two aims of this website are:

1.  To share information (i.e. not just me provide it – you guys provide it too!)

2.  To promote discussion about issues that affect us (i.e. please use the Comment feature!)

I am happy to do the work in making this website happen – but I cannot Read the rest of this entry »


Our council is one step away from approving a new bylaw that will affirm the intention behind the Tofino Public Market: a place for the creators of products (food, art, crafts, clothing) to sell their own hand-made products.

Parks and Rec says that Tofino’s market goes by the “Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Gather it” principle. This means no flea market or commercial merchandise will be permitted. I’d like to commend council members for working towards affirming this, and maintaining the market’s unique and personal charm that its founders have worked towards for years.

Read more about the proposed bylaw in this Westcoaster article. (Did you think this website was only going to be about water?  No, no no….)

Hello everyone –

This just in, from our district Director of Financial Services Edward Henley:


This was printed late and was not in the electronic agenda for today’s meeting however it was on the agenda and was discussed briefly.  A special meeting has been called for August 4 to discuss the water and sewer rate changes.

There is also an explanation of the numbers used in the chart showing consumption and rainfall.

At the end are charts showing the proportion of water used by each class and the proportion of revenue received from each class. Read the rest of this entry »

Here are the updated daily water usage figures from the district’s website. Unfortunately, they delete the previous week’s figures, so we cannot keep track of how we are doing with our conservation week-to-week.  I’ll do my best to keep records of those figures on this site.

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With approximately 10 tourists in town for every local this time of year, it’s far more important that they conserve water than us. And I am sure that most of them would pitch in – if they were actually getting the message.

It concerns me that there is no effective means for tourists to actually find out about what stage of water restrictions we are at, and what they can do to conserve.  I know our district has sent out notices to all of the resorts.  But from there, it us up to each resort how they communicate that to their guests – or whether they even communicate it at all.   Read the rest of this entry »

Wow, it seems we have entered a new era here in Tofino! Three years ago, when the bombshell was suddenly dropped on us that we were out of water and town was closing down, it seemed that a curtain preventing residents from getting information dropped at the same time.  The difference in the new administration is amazing, and very encouraging.  It was great to hear at last night’s meeting that a lot of the measures that they are taking right now are proactive – things are not that bad yet Read the rest of this entry »

OK, here is what I have found out about usage – with graphs and tables and oodles of info for you below.

There is a public report called Tofino Water Shortage Response Plan, put together by consultants Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. in 2005 (click on the title if you want to read it).  It is from 2005 – one year before our big water shortage – and the usage data in it are from 2004.  So the facts and figures in it would not be totally accurate for 2009, but it is all that there is publicly available right now.  Read the rest of this entry »

This is something that has bugged me for years:

Tofino residents pay higher water rates than commerical users do!  Yes, it is true.

I know that both our municipal office and local businesses claim that they pay more for their water than residents do, but this is simply not true.  It only appears that way, because of the confusing way that the Water Utility Rates Table is displayed.  Read the rest of this entry »

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